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Interview with Chris from the "One Show" about Fortitude.

Testimony by Seamus Heaney. Read by Christopher Eccleston

Testimony by Seamus Heaney.
Remembering World War 1.

Channel 4.

DulceEtDecorumEst by Wilfred Owen. Read by Christopher Eccleston

Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen.
Remembering World War 1.

Channel 4.

Chris excerpts from Muse of Fire
Shakespeare documentary.


Chris' excerpts from "Blue Peter".

Chris reads: A Chair for Baby Bear.

Chris reads:
Bones & the Great Newspaper Mystery.


Chris wearing a green jumper and holding a book

Chris reads: The Friendship Tree.

Chris is wearing white shirt with black and grey vertical stripes, he's also sat in an orange chair

Chris reads: The Man on the Moon.

A closer shot of Chris wearing white shirt with black and grey vertical stripes

Chris reads: Day Monkey, Night Monkey.

Chris with mid length hair & rough beard - from Heroes

"Heroes Unmasked - The Invisible Touch".
Discussing Chris' character.

Chris' scenes from League of Gentlemen.
Incl clip of Chris from the 'Making of'.

Screencap, Chris is wearing a black V-neck jumper & has close cropped hair, same as he had playing the 9th Doctor.

Chris interviews + comments from others about Chris from "Cracker: Behind the Scenes."

Chris wearing black V-neck jumper, he has long hair & a beard

Chris & panel discuss the entries for the "World Cinema Awards 2008".

Chris is talking to camera, he's wearing a zipped jumper & blue jeans & he's leaning against the blue seats of a theatre

Documentary about Celebrity Pig Theatre Company, of which Chris is a Patron.

Clsoe up of Chris, he has a beard & his hair is combed back

Interview with Chris about the Celebrity Pig Theatre Company, of which he is a Patron.

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Chris Celebrity Pig interview audio version.

Chris is sat & is wearing the Rider's costume.

Full interview with Chris about his role of 'The Rider' in "The Dark is Rising."

Interview with Chris from the "One Show".

Interview with Chris from BBC "Breakfast show".

Chris excerpts from "Auntie's Northern Soul".


Chris' scenes from "Chancer".

Chris' scenes from "Blood Rights".

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