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Taking Americans To The Doctor: Non Emergency Medical Transportation

With almost 320 million people in the United States of America, a good number unlicensed, the need for non-EMT (emergency medical transportation) and air ambulance services has never been greater. There are many different reasons why these people can not, or choose not to, drive ranging from disabilities, rising gas prices, being too busy to take a road test, to just plain non interest in obtaining a license. With so many people in today’s world, not driving, one question remains. With 82.1% of Americans having medical appointments to keep each year, how do those without wheels make it to these appointments?

Too many people are going without the proper medical care they need. Although the idea and execution of non EMT services is not a new concept, it seems it is not used as much as it is needed. It remains to be seen if lack of knowledge of these services, is perhaps one reason why some in need don’t utilize them. For example, did you know the ambulance can take you to your appointments that are over 200 miles away? Non emergency medical transportation needs to be brought to the lime light, so that all can access the medical care they need.

Non-EMT for the disabled

49 million of the over all population is disabled, with 500,000 of those, unable to drive at all. Many of these people with disabilities sacrifice routine and much needed healthcare because they are unaware of services that provide medical transportation to their appointments. The handicap accessible van is one transport vehicle that is being made available to those Americans who suffer from disabilities. Every large scale city across the country has at least one transport company,that makes available a fleet of wheel chair vans.

With Medicare covering several of these services, they are becoming much more accessible to the disabled public and allowing these people obstacle free transport. Some popular medical transportation companies for those with disabilities include, St. Louis Medical Transportation Inc., serving St. Louis, Mo., Chicago Disability Transit, serving Chicago, IL, Access A Ride, serving New York, NY, and Pegasus Inc., serving Los Angeles, CA. Those in need of these types of non-EMT services, should be able to locate their local transport companies via phone book, search engine, or through community resources.

Non-EMT for the general public

15.1% of the American population, without physically or mentally limiting disabilities, do not drive. Many of them simply choose not too, but other reasons include economical hardship, license revocation or suspension, and fears associated with driving. How do these people access the medical care they may need? There are many types of non emergency medical transportation services offered to those without disabilities as well. Many of these services are covered by medicaid or offered at a low, discounted rate, making them more affordable then taxi fare and more convenient then other forms of public transportation. One popular transport option, provided to the general public, is the Medicab. A Medicab service is a taxi cab of sorts, that provides transportation to and from medical appointments.

Why Is Long Distance Medical Transportation Needed?

Long distance medical transportĀ is a very important part of taking care of the people that you see every day. There are times when people need to be sent to a new facility that is going to take them, but that facility could be quite far away. This is going to make life better for your patients, but you need to find a service that is going to drive these people with the proper medical care while they are traveling.