Medicab services are not limited to only those with disabilities, making it a great option for low income, disadvantaged Americans of all sorts. The need for, and the advantages of, medicab services is overwhelming. With these types of services, pregnant women who do not, or can not drive can now make it to each and every postpartum appointment, resulting in healthier American mothers and babies.


It has been recently documented that millions of low income children do not make it to their yearly checkups regularly, with one of the biggest reasons being lack of transportation. The medicab is changing all of that. It is taking away the embarrassment of having to impose on family and friends, asking for rides and the helplessness that comes along with not having personal transportation.

These services are giving American parents the opportunity to ensure that their children are receiving the appropriate medical care that they need and deserve. All medicab companies vary differently in the ways in which they operate, but many follow similar procedures. There is usually a dispatch number that needs to be called 24-72 hours prior to a patients scheduled appointment time. Many require the patients social security number and Medicaid account number, if applicable. For newborn patients who may still be waiting for a s.s.n. or medicaid card, the mothers information is generally accepted. When making an appointment for pickup, it is important to have the time of the doctors appointment, the patients address, the clinics address, and the number and ages of all passengers accompanying the patient.

Rules regarding additional passengers vary from company to company however, a minor patient is always allowed and required to travel with a parent or guardian. Phone numbers for local medicab services can be found in area phonebooks, search engines, and can be obtained through community resources.