The need for non-emergency transportation services is ever increasing, with a growing population and a decrease in licensed drivers. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, disabled and not, are taking advantage and reaping the benefits of these services every year. However, the demand for non-EMT services by far, outweigh the number of companies available. This is an ever growing business that has no end, at this time, in sight. Opening a company that offers this type of service could be a very rewarding, and fulfilling career, helping people access the medical care they need in a positive, non demeaning way.


Those interested should check similar services offered in their area of residence and take notes. Research online and get in touch with local business licensing and registration to follow rules and regulations.

They should also begin looking for handicap accessible vans and cars to create a fleet, while checking with insurance requirements. With non emergency transportation services on the rise, we will soon see a day where every single American man, woman and child has the available transportation to and from their doctors appointments.