These are screengrabs are taken from Revengers Tragedy.

Vindici (Chris) survives the slaughter of the bus passengers Vindici shaving his hair off

Vindici shaving more of his hair off

Close-up of Vindici shaving his hair off

Vindici meets the Thugs

Middle of the fight with the Thugs

Next Thug please!

Close-up of Vindici after the fight - not a mark on him
Vindici picks a white flower which looks like a Daisy A walk through the catacombs
Further into the catacombs Talking to the skull of his dead wife
Talking to the skull of his dead wife Vindici is about to cry
So sad! So sad! Vindici cries for his dead wife
The Wedding A toast to the happy couple
Close-up of Chris as Vindici, Chris has a black mark on his forehead The Wedding
Talk of Revenge! Close-up of Vindici - talk of Revenge
Chris in profile shouting Gorgeous Chris has wet lips!
A penetrating stare Another profile cap
Vindici talking to camera
Vindici looking thoughtful Vindici on his wedding day - he has a ponytail
The jewel is mine!
Shush! Vindici places his finger to his lips
Another close-up cap Vindici leaves
Lost in thought
Vindici shouting another profile cap - Chris/Vindici is facing right
Cap of Vindici from the top of the steps
Vindici and conspiritors at a trial Vindici and conspiritors at a trial
What a gorgeous look to camera
Vindici waits at the bottom of some stairs
Close-up of Vindici looking through a hole in a metal wall
Long-shot of Vindici looking through a hole in a metal wall Vindici watching TV
You can see right up Chris's nose!
Vindici with dagger
Vindici with dagger talking to camera and looking angry Vindici in a graveyard
Vindici in a graveyard holding a dagger Vindici laughing
Vindici smiling
Back in he catacombs
Vindici holding both teddy bear and the skull of his dead wife Chris'/Vindici's ventriliquism act with his wife's skull is a success lol
Vindici and skull which is black with long red hair Chris/Vindici talking to the skull
Vindici is brushing the skull's teeth with Poison
Chris/Vindici has the skull between his legs! The skull is facing forwards.
A gentle smile Vindici opening the gates to Liverpool football club - must be the back entrance though
The spit acting lessons are paying off
Revenge is sweet, Chris/Vindici wears a long red wig to celebrate
Vindici and conspiritors watch a comet
Vindici kisses a lady's hand
Vindici has a drink of whisky - or lucozade
Thumbs up from Vindici

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Screencaps from World Cinema Awards.


Screencaps from The Dark is Rising.