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Full Name: Christopher Eccleston.
Date of Birth: Sunday 16th February 1964.
Place of Birth: Salford, Manchester. England.
Parents: Ronnie & Elsie.
Brothers: Alan & Keith. Twins, eight years older than Chris.
Married: Yes to Mischka (2010?).
Children: Son named Albert, born 2012, Daughter named Esme, born 2013.

Chris was born at 59 Blodwell Street, Salford and moved to Coniston Avenue, Little Hulton when he was 9 months old.

Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Light Brown/Brown.
Height: 6' - 6' 2", {depending on which website you read, IMDb has him at 6' 1."}
Birthsign: Aquarius - Air sign.
Chinese astrology: Born in the year of the
Dragon - Wood element.

Bridgewater Primary School.
Joseph Eastham High School.
Eccles College.
Salford Technical College.
Central School of Speech and Drama.

Quotes & comments:

His days at Joseph Eastham High School were recalled with mixed feelings:

"In my first years of High School my reports were very good, then they slowly got worse, apart from sport. Teachers could never fault me on sport because I loved it. A direct quote I can remember - I know it sounds bigheaded - was, "Fine all round footballer," from Mr Hully. I also remember "well mannered", "courteous", "needs to apply himself more", "needs to concentrate more" and "less talking in class".

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