Welcome to the BAD WOLF page! Picture of Chris from Doctor Who, it's an upper body shot at the TARDIS console and he's bathed in green light.

Bad Wolf! The name is synonymous with the 9th Doctor, it's also the name of the best Christopher Eccleston fan group on Yahoo groups, there you'll find chat about Chris, the 9th Doctor, photos, information on Chris' latest role, a upto date (and accurate) bio, downloads, interviews and items exclusive* to members.
*(subject to terms & conditions)

Why not join the group and chat about Chris with the other members, we'll enjoy hearing from you whether it's to discuss the 9th incarnation of our favourite Time Lord or you wish to inform the group about Chris's latest role.

Please be aware that as the group is listed in the 'Adult' section of Yahoogroups we do allow 18/R rated discussions & pictures....


Welcome to Bad Wolf picture, Chris has his hand stretched out in a 'come with me' gesture.To Join the main BW group immediately please add you email address to the sign up box below and click on 'join now!'

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